Health is a very important aspect of the life. Sports play an important role to make us physically and mentally strong. Sport is nothing but an exercise which is essential for children and adults because it is an activity which balances physical and mental growth along with controlling stress level. There are various kind of sports we have in India.  The benefits we get from the various sports activities in the area of Physical Fitness involves bone strengthening, muscle toning, weight management, controls diabetes, improve blood circulation, makes heart healthy, etc. Mental Fitness which involves strengthening the immune system, improves logical thinking, control the stress level, etc. Overall it helps in seeing happy faces all around our society

5 Important Benefits of Sports:

  • Exercise/ Physical Fitness: Regular exercise improves physical health of your body system. Sports play an important role for cardiovascular exercise. It keeps heart healthy. Helps to manage the weight of the body. Control Cholesterol level by decreasing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol, helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • Improves Mental Health: Do you remember a day where you had a 1 good hour of physical exercise or Sports playing and encountered a problem? Do you remember how you reacted or handled it? Different researches have shown that regular physical exercise helps in Relief from Stress, anxiety and depression, strengthens immune system, lower the risks of cancer also improves concentration and focus for individuals.
  • Confidence Boosting: Do you remember the body language after a good time spent on physical exercise? Physical exercise or sports helps in nurturing & enhancing different behavioral traits. It helps in developing self-confidence to achieve the best things in life. It helps in personality development, focus and concentration building, team work & perseverance to name the few.
  • Social Interaction: In sports like Badminton, Cricket, Padel Sports, Football, Skating, etc. you have to synchronize with your team partners by interacting with them. Involvement with team members improves the social interactions with others and this plays a very vital role in eliminating stage fear from an individual
  • Healthy And Prolonged Life: With mental and physical balanced health you will enjoy prolonged life with your loved ones. Eileen Ash is the oldest living international cricketer who is 107 years old still she is healthier, she passed her driving test at the age of 105

Benefits of Sport for Children:

  • Sports teaches children team work, co-ordination & co-operation with other team members.
  • Sports help to develop social skills.
  • Screen time is the biggest challenge every parent is facing today with respect to their kids. Sports reduces the screen time be it TV, Mobile or other electronic gadgets.
  • Sports help to improve sensory motor skills and also makes brain healthy.
  • Strengthen physical growth in the form of strong bones and muscles

Benefits of Sport for Women:

  • Sport improves confidence and self-esteem and reduces depression level
  • Sports balances hormone secretion of the body
  • Sports helps to increase health, fitness, body and bone strength.
  • Sports motivates women in weight management and being physically active i.e., weight loss and prevention of obesity.
  • It increase social interactions, connections and enjoyment.
  • Lowers the risk of High blood pressure, Diabetes and stroke in the women

Benefits of Sport for Men:

  • Sports improves the muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health in men.
  • Sports reduce level of stress and depression.
  • It helps to maintain healthy weight.
  • Improves the social interactions. The team work and co-operation with team members improves the ability of decision making.
  • It boosts the confidence level.
  • It improves concentration and focus on work place.
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